The Lachsa Theatre Department is a multi-level, continuous curriculum, with a scope and sequence that offers beginning to advanced techniques in acting, voice, movement, dance, stagecraft, history, and literature/criticism. The program emphasizes individual growth and personal discovery while building ensemble. The faculty consists of working professional artists and designers who share their expertise, experiences and passion for the art of theatre.

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LACHSA Pros, Elective Classes, Competition Performances, and the lastest from the LACHSA Theatre!
LACHSA PROS - (home)Schooled - "Pilot"
Jeremy Guskin / Actor, LACHSA Teacher, Simon Dollinger / TH20, Maya Boyce / TH20, Paul Eiding / Parent Alumnus, edited by Cameron Covell / TH, CA 13
LACHSA PROS - "Once Upon a Pandemic"
"Once upon a pandemic, a socially distanced actor sought for a way to bring cheer to the sad village. And the journey brought forth… a solo production of the Into the Woods "Prologue"!"
Aidan Elyse McCollough
Actress, LACHSA Theatre, Musical Theatre, Cinematic Arts Alumna
LACHSA PROS - "Jeremy Holy Grail"
Jeremy Guskin
Actor, LACHSA Teacher
Intro to Comedy Class
Center Theatre Group, Art Goes On: Kyle Branch / August Wilson
In this episode of the "Art Goes On Project," Kyle Branch performs the monologue from "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" that he earned him first in the 2020 August Monologue Competition Los Angeles Regional Finals at the Mark Taper Forum.