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Step by step...

1. One week before Performances

Check the Volunteer Sign Up form

Check the Volunteer Sign Up form to see how many people have signed up to bring concession donations. If it doesn't look like there are enough sign ups, contact your Head Volunteer and ask that the shortage be mentioned in the next parent email blast.

Check in with your crew

The Head Volunteer will have your crew's email addresses from the Volunteer Sign Up form...ask for them because you will need to check in with your crew to organize a few things like...who has a cooler they can bring for the drinks (although we do have buckets - coolers closed with ice will keep drinks cold through the next day, so you won't need as much ice), who's watching the stand and who's seeing the show, if you're going to make something like coffee, who's going to make it - etc. Perhaps one of them is good at baking? Those always sell well. It's up to you, but never hurts to ask!

2. The day before the show

Check Supplies and the Status of Donations

You will need to check the concessions cabinet to see if you have enough supplies...napkins, cups and condiments (if you're doing coffee). If you don't, check with your Head Volunteer, you may be able to grab some from the meal cabinet.

You will also need to check the status of concession donations in the theatre office.

We have a theatre money box you'll need to get and hold onto till the close of the last performance. Email to coordinate picking it up. It will come with $100 of change.

3. Performances

You'll need to arrive approximately an hour and a half before the shows. Concession sales start approximately one hour before the show.

The first thing you'll want to do is decided whether or not you need to set up the tent - if it's rainy or really sunny, you probably do.

You'll need to get the key to the concessions cabinet from Lois and move it out to the sales location. The rest of the set up is intuitive.


  • Never leave the money box unattended. It stays with you at all times, even if you go in to watch the show. You take it home at night inbetween shows and hang on to it until closing night finishes.
  • The concessions stand can't be left unattended during the show. (Hopefully, this was arranged last week and this is just a reminder.) If Dana is there it's possible she can keep an eye on it, but most of the time one of the concessions crew needs to be assigned in advanced to stay with the concessions stand during the show because of the Cal State foot traffic. (There should be a grams crew member to keep them company.)

The concession stand needs to be locked and put away after each performance (unless there's a matinee followed by an evening show in that case it just be locked and pushed near the front of the theatre).

After the closing performance and last concession sales, please give the money box to Lorelei or Lois.




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