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Step by step...

1. Two-three weeks before Performances

Think about your show's theme and figure out what types of grams to do

Grams can be very fun and creative, but takes some advance planning. Grams are sold between $1-5 dollars and it's always good to have more than one option available - like cookies and flowers. Combo deals seem to work well too...something to keep in mind.

Cookies with the show's artwork are always a big hit with the kids. Flowers always sell well (the best prices are downtown) and for a last suggestion, Oriental Trading has inexpensive customizable candy available that's kind of fun, but it's needs to be ordered with enough time to ship.

Sometimes money spent on grams or supplies can be reimbursed. Please check with Lois for approval in advance.

Check in with your crew

The Head Volunteer will have your crew's email addresses from the Volunteer Sign Up form...ask for them because you will need to check in with your crew to organize a few things like... who's watching the stand and who's seeing the show, if you need help to assemble grams - hole punching the cards, tying on ribbons etc.

2. The day before the show


  • ribbon for tying grams
  • a stapler
  • scissors
  • note cards, for writing "to" and "from"
  • a hole punch for the cards
  • table cloth and ways to make displays

If you require anything else for the types of grams you're doing or themed table you're setting up, you'll need to bring it with you.

It is also advisable to make a sign with the prices of the grams.

We also have a theatre money bag you'll need to get and hold onto till the close of the last performance. Email to coordinate picking it up. It will come with $50 of change.

3. Performances

You'll need to arrive approximately an hour and a half before the shows. Gram sales start approximately one hour before the show.


  • Never leave the money bag unattended. It stays with you at all times, even if you go in to watch the show. You take it home at night inbetween shows and hang on to it until closing night.
  • The grams table can't be left unattended during the show. (Hopefully, this was arranged last week and this is just a reminder.) If Dana is there it's possible she can keep an eye on it, but most of the time one of the grams crew needs to be assigned in advanced to stay with the table during the show because of the Cal State foot traffic. (There should be a concession crew member to keep them company.)

Grams should be taken home and brought back for each performance.

After the closing performance and last sales, give the money bag to Lorelei or Lois.




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