Season Fall
November 8 - 7:30pm
November 9 - 2:00pm
November 9 - 7:30pm

Caroline's Loft
5151 State University Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90032
Director's Notes
Cast List
Yael Jeshion-Nelson: TRACEY
Elyssa Venerable: CYNTHIA
Fintan Swift: STAN
Sam Deetjen: EVAN
Andrea Tupas: JESSIE
Evan Klein: JASON
Kyle Branch: CHRIS
Jordan Simen: OSCAR
Onnie Williams: BRUCIE
Rehearsal Schedule

Monday-Wednesday: 1:30-8 pm; on Thursday its run until 9 pm

Monday: costume parade, makeup, prop table set up, set dressed, sound, projections, lights load in. Dinner is at 5 pm-5:30 pm in front on Loft. RE-STAGE NEEDED BLOCKING, until 7:45 pm.

Tuesday: No Costumes or makeup. Notes from 1:45-2:00. Rehearse side set scenes from 2:00-2:30 . Cue to Cue with sound and lights from 2:45 pm-5 pm. Dinner 5 pm-5:30. 6 pm Mic assignment and check. Begin run thru sy 6:30 of Act One.

Wednesday: IMPORTANT: I AM ASKING FOR SUE, MAX, ALETHEA AND MEGAN to be dismissed on Wednesday from periods 2 & 4 (10-12:30) for tech rehearsal in Loft. (Stand by for teacher response) Costumes & Makeup Notes 2 :15-2:30 . Act One from 2:30 pm-4:30. Dinner 5 pm-5:30 pm. Act Two from 6 pm-7:45 pm.

Thursday: Costumes, Makeup and Mics. Notes 2 pm-2:30. Act One 2:30-5 pm. Dinner 5 pm-5:30 pm. Act Two and Curtain Call from 6 pm-8:45 pm

Call Times

Friday: CALL is at 2 pm in Loft for Notes & Costumes, Makeup, Mics. FINAL DRESS 3pm-5:30pm. Dinner 6-6:30. SET FOR SHOW AT 7:30 PM

Saturday CALL is at 12 noon for Notes. 2 pm Show. Dinner at 5:30-6 pm. CALL is at 6 pm. SET FOR SHOW AT 7:30 pm. STRIKE FROM 10:00-11:00 pm. **Megan, please make strike assignments.

Volunteer Sign-Up!

Lead Volunteer: Kristen Swift

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