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Lead Volunteer:
Evelyn Jones

4 meals @ $10 each

If cost is a problem,
please contact Lois at 

Student's Name:

*Always grateful for an extra $10 to cover dinner for another student or teacher!

Underwriting the cost of 1 dinner for another student!
Questions about payments?
Theatre 2nd Year Shakespeare Project
Mar 23 & 24, 7:30 pm

Caroline's Loft
5151 State University Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90032

Teachers: Elizabeth Dennehy, Christopher Fairbanks, Nick Mizrahi,
Elisa Surmont
Director's Notes
I am asking everybody to bring in ​for the 2nd year project ​ any white/off-white/bone/cream/champagne/shell colored  shirts, pants, vests, long skirts, corsets, blouses safety pin a tag with your name on it and leave it in a bucket on Mama J's desk in the office in the shop stage left of Caroline's LOFT.  We will see how much we have before we go out and rent or buy. Keep your eye out for stuff in thrift stores.  this is what we're shooting for:

Cast List

Rehearsal Schedule
Our tech will be March 19-22, 4pm-9pm
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