Festival Overview 
Date: TBA
Time: 8:00am - 8:00pm

There are 4 rounds: 2 prelims, 1 semi, and 1 final round. If the students make it through all the rounds, the ending time is around 8 pm. The first 2 prelim rounds end around noon and the posting for semis is around 1 pm.

Parents are encouraged to come. We need parents to help supervise and, of course, you can see the competition (unless your child insists that you don't!)

DTASC is an all day event – outdoors and in the sun. Folding chairs, blankets, drinks and snacks will be needed. Some sort of shade would also be a plus.

Director's Notes
Categories & Cast List
Rehearsal Schedule
Call Times

Volunteer Sign-Up!

Lead Volunteer: TBA

What to Bring: snacks, lots of water, lunch or money for lunch.

Also VERY IMPORTANT: Code of Conduct must be turned into Mrs. Hunter.

All students must provide own transportation. We highly suggest they carpool w/scene partners.