Volunteer General Info

A huge part of our successful program is the participation of parents. Parents are a big part of the LACHSA theatre team. WE NEED YOU!

There are many different kinds of jobs for volunteers...concessions, grams, tech-week meals, etc. and we always need donations of water and snacks for tech-weeks, so heads up!

To organize our volunteering crew for "Projects" (the annual performance for each theatre year), we have a Head Volunteer for each of the theatre years and "lead" volunteers in key team positions. These volunteers will hopefully remain in their positions throughout their four years at LACHSA. (see chart below)

Season plays - because there's no way of knowing who's in the cast - will need to have these positions volunteered for on a per event basis. Festivals will also need a Head Volunteer per event. Sign ups for these positions will open after they are cast.