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Tech Week Meals

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Extra funds go to the Theatre Dept.!

Theatre Tech Week Meals

Dear LACHSA Theatre Parents,

Our season of shows, season plays and showcases is beginning.
This means Tech Weeks are coming.
During tech weeks students must stay after school through dinner time for at least 3 nights and sometimes up to 5 nights. Traditionally theater parents have volunteered to help provide meals for each of these tech days.

Over the years the theatre department has found that the meal service is the best way to feed the cast and crew quickly and efficiently.  Thus allowing maximum time for the tech work needed to put on all these wonderful shows!

We would like for all parents to cover the cost of their child’s meals. If your child is in a project the cost is $40. If they are in a season play the cost is $60.
Note: There is NO funding from LACHSA to cover these meals.

Any additional donations would be greatly appreciated to help cover the Teachers.
If you are unable to pay for your child’s meals please contact Lois Hunter.

We really need your help,
When the theatre rep or lead parent for your season play reaches out to you to help pay for the meals, please do so right away.

Remember, We can only order food if we have the necessary funds to pay for it.  So again, please pay promptly.

Debra Echard & Devra Weltman
Theatre Reps

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