Key Volunteers
Lead Volunteer

The lead volunteer is the captain of the ship.

Job responsibilities are:

  • Getting information from the show's director that needs to be shared like, rehearsal times, dinner times, and call times.
  • Overseeing all volunteering positions to make sure the jobs are convered.
    • Snacks and water donations for rehearsals
    • Plenty of donated concessions
    • Great 'grams' for sale
    • Making sure there's enough crew recruited to cover the stations!
  • Organizing the tech week meals and making sure the meal budget is approved by Lois Hunter.

It is a big commitment, but very rewarding. Head volunteers get the privilege of working in the "inner circle" of the school, which is a very special experience, and have the opportunity to interact with our many wonderful parents and very talented students. An extra perk...this position will get a comp ticket for the run of the performance!

Skills needed for this position: Great organizational skills, great communication skills, and the time to give during tech-week and performances, as well as the time to give in the weeks leading up to tech-week.

This job can be done solo or with a partner.

Concessions Lead

A Concessions Lead is in charge of making sure we've got what we need in order to sell concessions before the show, during intermission, and after the show. They report to the Head Volunteer and lead the concession's crew.

Job responsibilities are:

  • Reaching out for great concession donations! (This is where we make money for the department!)
  • Checking concession supplies in advance to make sure we have enough of everything.
  • Making sure the theatre department's concession supplies are returned to their place after the show.
  • Making sure there's enough crew recruited to make sales AND that there's someone staying outside to guard the station during the show.

This position will get a comp ticket to a performance!

Grams Lead

A Grams Lead is an organizational job as well as a creative one. Grams, or more formally known as "Break a leg grams" are little gifts (between $1-$10 dollars) that are sent back stage to the performers with a little note from the giver.

The best selling grams are themed to the show, such as cookies with the show's artwork, candy in the shape of some sort of prop in the show, custom cards in the theme of the show that attach to flowers etc.

The table display can also be a source for some creative fun - matching the show's theme is a good eye catcher for sales ;)

This station is key to the department's fundraising!

Job responsibilities are:

  • Creating really cool grams
  • Making sure there's enough crew recruited to make sales AND a runner or two (can be kids) to take the grams back stage to the performers

This position will get a comp ticket to a performance!

Meal Point Person
This position is volunteered for on a per day basis during tech week. The meal point person works with the Head Volunteer choosing a restaurant location (convenient to the meal point person) to pick up the meal or if they happen to be a fabulous cook that knows how feed large groups, cooks/caters the meal.

A meal point person can suggest locations and advise on menu options, but the Head Volunteer has the final say. This is because the budget for the entire tech-week's meals needs to balance out and the Head Volunteer has to get budget approval from Lois Hunter prior to the expenditure.